Apr 24, 2018

Welcome to The Woodlander

Who are we? What is our Woodlands quintessence? In The Woodlander, a new monthly digital information hub, we plan to find out and celebrate modern living in The Woodlands with stories about the people who live and work here (and the baby eaglets who nest here). We will also highlight our area’s art and design, health and wellness, innovation and technology, athletic and cultural events, shops and restaurants, food and travel and the myriad hike and bike trails and parks that bind us to the beautiful piney woods forest we call home.

The Woodlander loves a good story. We feel lucky to live and work in this beautiful nature and recreation laden community peppered with an incredible and vast collection of public art. With interesting, international and sophisticated people living and working in The Woodlands…we have a lot of content to cover. With top businesses anchored here, an arts explosion underway and an expanding world-class medical center…we have a lot of research to do. And speaking of research, what kind of research is going on in our Research Forest? Yep, we’ll dig into that too. 

We hope to show you The Woodlands in ways you have never seen before. Less magazine, more journal. We hope you enjoy it.