A Place for Everyone Touched by Cancer

Strength in Sharing

Nickole Kerner Bobley

Aug 14, 2018

The Woodlands is now home to a special place called Canopy, a first-of-its-kind cancer survivorship center in the greater Houston area, located on the Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center campus.

The National Institute of Health’s National Cancer Institute reports that this year an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States.

It can feel lonely after receiving a cancer diagnosis. Just as cancer affects your body it can also affect your mind—bringing up new feelings of despair. Many people—the diagnosed, the spouse of, the families of and the friends of wonder how they will cope. 

People can often find strength in sharing thoughts and feelings with others who are on the same cancer battling journey. If only there was a place in every community where they could meet. Good news, because of local philanthropy such a place exists. 

The Woodlands is now home to a special place called Canopy, a first-of-its-kind cancer survivorship center in the greater Houston area, located on the Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center campus. It is 1 of 2 survivorship centers in the state.

“It’s a home-like center, here for cancer survivors and their families emotionally, physically, socially—completely and like a soft blanket or a hug,” says Linda Nelson, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. “We are so grateful to Memorial Hermann’s In the Pink fundraising and awareness luncheon that graciously came forth with the initial funding to start Canopy and who continue to help us each year sustain this important community base for those affected by cancer.”

Since 2016 Canopy has been offering a wide variety of programs and services that seamlessly work together to fulfill wellness needs. Their mission is to provide the finest support, education and integrative medical services to all those impacted by cancer regardless of where patients are receiving treatment. You do not have to be in treatment at Memorial Hermann to be a part of the Canopy community. Everyone touched by cancer is welcome. Canopy is free and open to the public.

Canopy offers many free survivorship services including: a cooking demonstration room for nutritional education and counseling, support group room for caregiver support sessions, yoga classes, music, art and dance therapy, "Ask the Doctor" sessions and special seminars; a small support group room for private counseling, small group counseling sessions, meetings with a social worker or dietician and “Look Good & Feel Better” sessions; a consultation room for sensitive discussions; an onsite resource library and electronic resource; a massage therapy room for individualized massage treatment; a private dressing room area for breast prosthesis and bra fittings; and a wig salon for individuals coping with hair loss. 

Knitting clubs meet in the cozy lobby living room area or in the equally posh small group meeting room where oversized sofas and chairs provide a relaxing environment.

“We have an exceptional volunteer staff and we operate like a conservatory here with the community’s best offering up their services to help those battling cancer,” says Amanda Poole, Managing Director of Canopy. “The yoga instructor is donating his/her time to teach class, the chef is donating his/her time as is the masseuse, and others. It’s impressive to see The Woodlands area altruism in motion.” 

Canopy has created a special place that feels like a home and not a medical clinic—a place to come and feel part of a community that has turned cancer surviving into a cancer community thriving. They are truly elevating life above a cancer diagnosis.

How lucky we are to have a Canopy Cancer Survivorship Center in The Woodlands. 

To learn more about Canopy, please call 713.897.5939 or visit  www.woodlandscanopy.org. A touching and visually informative video is located on the homepage of this website. You can’t miss it!